maandag 27 maart 2017

Explanation of Dreams (1)

I dreamt about creating an almost lost medicine for the huskies (not my dogs) present in the place where I was at. The medicine was locked in a cupboard in a worn down, old and dusty caravan. Inside the locked cupboard were several doors to open, each smaller than the previous one, but I was determined to open it and rescue the medicine, and succeeded by not giving up. I was able to save/refill the ampoule, saving the many dogs (so they could be vaccinated). I saw them pulling a sled later, happy and fast. The caravan was from a happy but old clown/circus artist. He wasn't present in the dream, but I just knew.

Am trying to find explanations to my recent and very different but never disturbing dreams, which sometimes are derivable from real life things happening but often are not. I am embracing them, curious about what they mean.

If anyone knows more, please share. 

Another dream was about a man 'floating' on stage like a trapeze artist. He was wearing a turban and wrapped in purple, long satin patches, blowing in the wind, creating beautiful shapes with the cloth waving. When he lifted his turban I saw I knew the man from a long time ago, but haven't seen him in nearly 20 years

Thoughts anyone? Am curious about the meaning of all of my 'weird' dreams, but these two were the most recent. Don't know if the man is dead or not (in real life) and no, we don't own a caravan, though I did watch something about a worn down caravan park on tv. I don't know husky people, nor did I watch something about them on tv. Same with the clown. I never use any kind of medicine. 

I was able to search for some explanation about huskies and the man in purple silk: "Seeing him in a dream also may represent a social worker, a spiritual guide, or a psychologist who is expert at solving problems and promoting peace." 

Still am very confused. So by all means, shoot if you know more! Thank you. 

I'm sorry Denis, I had to crop the female model

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