dinsdag 14 april 2015


Afstudeerproject Melanie E. Rijkers - St. Joost Academie Breda
Blind - 1995

As my final thesis topic at the Academy of Art, I chose 'Blind'. I followed Gladys, a blind woman, for a few months, trying to get under her skin, attempting to see what she 'saw'.

The above image is taken from our appartment building, where the fake glass (plastic) windows of the hall way were so damaged that this weird sun appeared. I feel van Gogh in this image, his quest for perfect light.

It's a troubling image too, as it's not right. The sun is there, but is not. It feels like outdoors, but it's not. In 'Blind' I showed it together with this image - Gladys at the Doctor's office having an eye examination - as Gladys only could see very bright light, as a blurry spot, no contours though or anything else for that matter.

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