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Photography = therapy

Very, very ill Sarhea
Message on Facebook: Hey, my name's Angelika and I am writing this for Sarhea (Saar), her husband Maikel and family. We've came a long way and we've decided to share Saar's story with you all. Saar needs to go to Germany for treatment, she's got a very bad case of Lyme disease. 
We'll be in Germany for at least 3 months. The kids are alright, we are all coming along with Saar. I hope she gets well soon and can come back to her new home in the Netherlands. Gr, Angelika.

Sarhea with husband Maikel, Lissy and Ellijah
Saar is one of my sweetest models - it's about time for another word for people who pose for me - I've known Saar since her first pregnancy, which she shared with me in a maternity shoot for PUUR. Trotse tienermoeders. 'PURE. Proud teenmoms' are proud young mothers age 16-22, who are a minority in the Netherlands, but not in terms of loving and caring. They've all told me their story and I think they are very special, including Saar.
I also feel that these mothers came to me with a higher purpose. E.g. Saar became pregnant 6 years ago, when she was trying to get back on her feet in a facility that treats people with anorexia. "Because of the baby I started eating again" she told me. Her baby saved her life.

She was recently diagnosed with EDS...
She already needs a wheel chair, even travels with it, as I ran into them on their way to London, when we were on the same plane. No worries, chair: check, Saar: check and off they went. RESPECT! What a spirit she and her husband have.

The whole family posed for me a number of times. 10 Months ago they have also become the proud parents of a lovely baby boy.

But...a few weeks ago she was diagnosed with Neuro Borreliose Lyme, she was bitten by a tic when she was pregnant and also because of her previous conditions, it wasn't diagnosed properly untill... it was nearly too late.

With Christmas she couldn't walk at all anymore, and needed a neck brace to support her head. This is so unfair!! The latest news is that a Lyme specialist will and can treat her in Germany. So now she has to leave her kids behind and has to have herself commited again...

Sarhea via Whatsapp 21 January 2013: "If I need to go to Germany...I was thinking, it would be so special if I had you coming over for a photoshoot LOL. Not in your studio no, [we were planning a photoshoot with her and her sister] and yes, I can take some photos myself but... 
yours very valuable, always"

O, how I'd love to go with her, and do some more work with her. She's one of the people who keeps coming back, my camera and I just love her! We Whatsapp a lot. My Bali trip is interwoven with her, with her texts and her photos. She often lays in bed awake, feeling alone, and is very happy with me apping back. This was always a special moment of the day.

I shared my day with her, my new, spiritual knowledge and adventures. Saar needed to get a lot of stuff out of her way, as not many people knew how ill she already was. [The top text is from her caretaker, who put it on Saar's Facebookpage.] OMG how I feel for her.

She stays very positive, though she's really going through a rough time at the moment. She's getting worse, so her family and Saar decided to share her story. She is frustrated that there's a lot of stuff she can't do anymore. She e.g. wants to breastfeed her baby, but people keep the baby from her because she's too weak. But Saar says 'This is the only thing I CAN still do, so please let me'.
But she also knows when she needs heavy drug treatment in Germany she probably will need to stop feeding...I feel so sorry for her. She didn't deserve this. Enough is enough.

I would like to make that documentary with her, I really would like to do this, but...I don't have the meanings to do so. It's quite a long trip to Germany and being a fine art photographer, I only have a small income.

So...I've decided to go for it and ask the big question:

If there's anyone who'd like to support Saar and her family, so I can go over to her and work with her... please donate via Paypal to or send a cheque to
Speelhuislaan 173
4815 CD  Breda
the Netherlands

If 300 people would donate 10 euro each, I can be with her for over 2 weeks!

Saar and Angelika
Saar's story needs to be told, as in the Netherlands often Lyme is not diagnosed properly untill it's too late. This strong, lovely but very sick young woman needs our support... will you please help us?

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