vrijdag 9 november 2012

GLOW 2012

10 TO 17 NOVEMBER 2012

From November, 10th to 17th 2012, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.

GLOW 2011 - photo: Kees van Gageldonk
Based on the theme 'Facades & Faces', the different appearances of Eindhoven are revealed in both great projections as subtle lighting installations.

GLOW opens on 10 November with the project LEDs light 2018Eindhoven. From 20.12 to 20.18 hours the estimated thousands of visitors on the route shine upwards with special LED lights and illuminate the sky above Eindhoven. At the same time 11 large searchlights lighten up the route and a helicopter flying above the center of Eindhoven captures the illuminated route. With LEDs light 2018Eindhoven the GLOW audience creates an unique light sculpture and puts the spotlight on Eindhoven and Brabant as a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2018. LEDs light 2018Eindhoven starts at 20.00 hours with an unique laser projection of artist Edwin van der Heide on the Stadhuisplein. At 20.12 hours the percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx accompanies the stunt with a drum spectacle.

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