woensdag 14 december 2011

Photographer wanted?

I am looking for jobs in UK, US, Canada & Australia write to info@mery.nl and let me find THE BEST IMAGEs for you. With 15+ years of experience, I am now looking for freelance jobs in London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne to expand my horizon.

MeRy.com will show you more of my work, as does Flickr and my Facebook page.

Pay: negotiable.

Are you looking for European style photography, new way of styling or graphic design? Specialty: portraits & buildings. Better said: Portraits of architecture, not the cold, advertising photos but warm photos of buildings were people work, live, love.
My people's portraits are with next to no Photoshop, as I am educated to bring out the best in people without using fake looking techniques.
PURE. Amiso & Jermaine - 0% Photoshop:
Nominee Colorawards 2011 "Traces Of Silence" - shot with analog cross processed E6 film:

Ofcourse you can also book me for weddings, events, fashion, business profile pictures and portfolio shoots! My photos CAN and WILL make a difference.

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