maandag 7 november 2011

Global Women's Summit LA 2011 - day one

Paula Fellingham opens the Los Angeles Summit, Entrepreneur Workshop 28 October 2011.

Kelly Breaux teaches us how to hoola hoop :)

Ineke Hurkmans wants us to Jump!

Want to see more photos of the first day of this wonderfull summit? Check out the sets on Flickr or Facebook 1 + Facebook 2. Enjoy!

"Global Women's Summits are part of a powerful global movement to celebrate and educate the women of the world. Our motto for these historic events is "Enlighten Women's Minds and Empower Women's Hearts … for a Better World."

Beginning June 11, 2011, and finishing October 29, 2011, the Women's Information Network will host Global Women's Summits in 12 countries.

At Global Women's Summits superb speakers and entertainers will address the personal, business, family, and community/national issues that are profoundly important to women in each country.

Women will be educated and empowered. They will have the opportunity to receive solutions for their lives, share their ideas, and really connect with one another heart-to-heart.

Global Women's Summits will help women, worldwide, learn how to:

Become strong leaders in their communities and nations
Believe in themselves and in their gifts and talents
Radiate joy and confidence as they build personal power
Set and reach high-achievable goals
Be wise with their finances
Overcome many of the obstacles in their lives
Reach out and help other women

Join the global women's movement as they participate with powerful women's organizations like The Women's Information Network, Women Celebrating Life, Global Women's Summits, and others

Lovely aunt Lena (aka Anne-Louise Sterry :)

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