dinsdag 5 april 2011

Story Telling: Red-On-Red finalist Gala Awards

Red-On-Red finalist @ the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards

"1,020 series were received for the first screening, and of those 178 passed to the second screening. One winner, 4 runner ups and 29 honorable mentions were awarded, while another 100 series ...were finalists in the second round and will al so be featured in the book Storyteller. Sample of the images of those series are displayed below next to the names of the awardees and finalists. In this occasion we received the series from 44 countries. The first screening has been done by the Artistic and Editorial Team of WPGA while the second round was juried by Julio Hardy, managing director of the WPGA."

More natural redhead beauties via http://www.mery.nl/rood

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