woensdag 6 oktober 2010

De vijf beloftes - the 5 promises of Paul Huf Award 2010

Paul Huf was a famous Dutch photographer, who died 9 years ago. He was known for his strong and powerful (and classic) advertiorial and commercial photography, had an eye for details (Grolsch) and lifted advertising & images to a higher level, in the Netherlands he was a great example to many photographers.
Jan van Buuren, his friend from way back, 78 years old, great-great-grandfather too, organises this event each year. A few of the Grote Paul's previous winners were Anton Corbijn & Rineke Dijkstra. Hope one day I'll be among those happy few :))

Vincent Mentzel presents: Suzanne Muller, Pim Ras, Corrine Kruger, Melanie Rijkers and Bianca van der Werf © Anton Poptie

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