zaterdag 11 september 2010

Redhead day

5 September 2010: over 3500 natural redheads (gingers) invaded Breda! (the Netherlands, NOT Scotland)

Artist Bart Rouwenhorst only paints redheaded women and when he had his first exhibition of these paitings in 2005, 150 redheads showed up in Asten, the Netherlands. Now, 5 September 2010, he says over 3500 natural redheads invaded our city Breda, the Netherlands. (some reporters said it's Scotland, but nope, in NL there's also a lot of beautiful redheads!)

I already helped out a lot when he had the first gathering in 2007, also created my series Red-On-Red, on the spot, at the Roodharigendag. In 2008 we were able to create Medusa. And recently I fnished infraRED which was honorable mention at the IPA [International Photography Awards] 3 times!

Making of my often used promotion photo for the redheadday 2007 :) 11 gordeous women lay their hair on Bart Rouwehorst, covering him like a blanket.

Want to see more of my redhead portraits? Check out

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