maandag 17 mei 2010

beautiful Turkey

Empty beach @ Marmaris, Turkey

We had a marvelous holiday in Marmaris, Turkey this springbreak, and even though we've lost over 70 Dutch in the planecrash, I am still happy we flew out to the sun. In the Netherlands it was only 6-10 degrees Celcius, over 10 degrees below average for this time of year, so I am freezing at the moment. We left Turkey with 39 C...and came back to 8...
Turkey is a beautiful country, the people are very nice and modern and their leader to democracy Atatürk did a good job so far. Ofcourse Turkey is still very oriental, but what's wrong with that!? In NL and other European countries they still won't accept Turkey to the EU, ths something they'd really want or need??

I loved the people, the land, the atmosphere and loved it being (a little) different then ours. That's what it makes such a nice country, the modern thoughts in an oriental package...lovely!
Love the colourfull neon lights everywhere in the town. Marmaris is fairly new, with modern shops and a new boardwalk and everything.

The 'evil eye' actually is a good eye, to protect you from jealousy. It's thought to be Medusa 's eye and when Christianity came to Turkey (Islamic religion came 500 years later) it's also meant to be the eye of the fish-symbol, which is the letters of God, his Son, the holy Spirit.

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