woensdag 17 februari 2010

I love Polaroid

Lighthouse, Breda the Netherlands

Polaroid. It's been over 20 years since I've used my Polaroid Image Camera. In fact, I think one of the last pictures we took with it was a portrait of the two of us in Hans' parents backyard, sitting on a bench, all young and beautiful ;)

As a matter of fact: probably someone else took it, most likely his sister or brother, as we are both in it. Anyway, when Hans bought me my first SLR camera (a Pentax) the Polaroid Image Cam just came with it in the suitcase. But being students et all we never really used it much, as the instant film was too expensive.

When cleaning up the attic last week we stumbled upon the aluminium suitcase again, the Pentax was gone (sold? broken?) but the Polaroid was still there. Hm. I wonder if it still works. Then the search for new instant film started. The last operating Polaroid plant was in... Enschede, Holland! Yes, in my own country and never before I realised that to the full. But now I needed film.

The Enschede plant was closed down in 2008, but since 365 days ago the Impossible Project tries to loose the 'Im' and wants to make new Polaroid films 'possible' again, as the last stock of Enschede is now expired and sold out mostly. Via Twitter people mentioned Polapremium where you can buy last of the Enschede films. The deal was done in 5 days orso, order & delivery so it's a good (last?) seller of Polaroid films.

I remember us @ One Hour Superphoto (1993-1995) using Fuji Instant Film, which is of far better quality really. We used it to make passport pictures, the colours were really great! Not like my magenta city scapes, oops. Today we went for a citywalk and I had forgotten that best developing temps are above 13C...so the Polaroids are a bit too purple...

But hey, for a first timer I am still proud of my Image camera and the photos, happy that we saved it so many moves, and never threw it out. So now it´s waiting for more Polapics 2010 ocassions :) so I can create some more. I just love watching the photo come up.

It's almost magic. Like when you are working in the dark room and the developing picture is appearing slowly in front of your eyes. This is the magic of photography. Pity we've lost it now with all digital stuff, though now I am more than happy to work with it. But this instant photography...it's kind of romantic. And I love it.

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