zondag 8 november 2009


Fall, Breda, the Netherlands

The last leafs fell down from the trees...now it's not so colorfull outside anymore, but kinda dark and grey...boring? I dunno. Maybe. I like the sun, but I also like the night. It's the cold I can't stand haha ;)
But so far so good, we haven't had any really bad bad days yet, and snow & ice aren't in NL untill Jan/Feb most likely. No white Xmas for us, that hasn't happen in years.

We do have some Christmas weddings this December, and at the moment I am very busy with the natural redhead shoots. I like portraits. I like people. I like photography. Tho abandoned places are cool too, I just love to explore an abandoned area for 'Traces Of Silence'. Often it's a portrait too, of the people who lived or worked in that area or building...without seeing them in the picture.

If you are looking for a photobook about urban exploring: have a look HERE at my Traces Of Silence book, available worldwide tru Blurb. Online preview available. Excellent Christmas gift. Cadeau tip!

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