donderdag 9 juli 2009


Door, Sommelsdijk, Zeeland, June 22, 2009

Two weeks ago I returned to the lovely village Sommelsdijk, to finish my series for the Woningbouw Vereniging's newest buildings. Social housing but with flair. They ordered a series on canvas, and want to add summer pics, to the winter ones I did half a year ago.

I like going back to places, see what's changed, or what's not. Like the demolition in Breda-Noord, I am definately gonna go back there in autumn, when the building starts. It's like the Peelland College in Deurne, my old secondary school. They moved from an old building after 40 years (!) to a brand new one, and I took photos of Traces Of Silence just before they started a new semester in December 2005. Now my old school is turned into the Alfrink College, also leaving an old, worn out building empty in Deurne, the Netherlands. (next book! :)

Order your copy here here (shipping worldwide!) or have a look at the first pages online here here

Now I only want the sun to come back, as it's summer here, but a rainy week s far. Last weeks were gordeous, and hopefully I can do some more 'bright blue sky' photos next week again :) Love, M

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