woensdag 3 juni 2009

Back from sunny UK again

Sunny Theatresquare, Stratford, London UK

Passing one of the 2012 stadiums, Stratford area, London UK

Back again from the UK :) Colin & Landa got married in London, they had a party with 'carribean food' and the whole lot, so very nice job to do, but very exhausting too ;) Lucky for me I had two extra days to walk around the city a bit. I had to travel along the building site of the new stadiums for the olympics in 2012, and I like to make a series there man! So nice to see the area being build up, old buildings are being demolished and as this kind of photography is my specialty...I'd like to work there some more. So far no commissioned '2012'-job whatsoever, pity!! :(

I do a lot of abandoned places, as I now am busy with the Geeren in Breda. I started with portraits of the people who had to get out of their homes, and last week I am doing interior stills of the houses. Traces Of Silence again, and I just love it. I like doing series like this, like my Tantetje (Auntie) book. Auntie lives in this house for over 60 years now, and it reflects her, and is almost a portrait. Check my Blurbbook Tantetje here worldwide shipping available!

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  1. wow, wat ben jij lekker bezig zeg! leuk om dat te volgen! kristi