dinsdag 22 september 2015

History & Flowers

Commissioned art work 'Belcrum' 3 pieces of 585x205 cm

Commissioned art work 'Belcrum' 3 pieces of 585x205 cm

Commissioned art work 'Belcrum' 3 pieces of 585x205 cm

History & Flowers Fine Art

Commissioned art work 'Belcrum' 3 pieces of 585x205 cm.
Mauritsstaete, van Rijckevorselstraat - Breda, the Netherlands.

Get your own digital design from € 750,- ex. VAT and printing.

zondag 16 augustus 2015

How to take photos at a fashion show, surviving the photographers pit

10 tips to get that stunning photo at a fashion show

1) Be On Time
It's all about planning. Make sure you are there way before the show starts and when you've found the perfect spot:

2) Mark Your Spot
Put your tripod there, or leave your bag, or mark it with tape and !!!!! write down your name with a lot of !!!!! to make sure others do not dare to take it.

3) Make Friends
Really, shouting at your fellow photographer doesn't really help you. Make sure you bond with a few of your colleagues, so you can e.g. take turns when you need to eat, pee or just stretch your legs.

4) Do Not Wear High Heels
I've seen the most fashionable lady photographers balancing on high heels in the pit, standing, sitting, even half lying down, and they all sighed: 'My feet are killing me!!' So better wear or bring an extra pair of sneakers.

5) Make Sure To Bring Extra Batteries, Body, Lens, Memory Cards
and keep these at your side. I know, a little obvious right? But when a photographer ran out of batteries during the show and walked off the platform ruining the film of the guy standing next to him, he didn't make friends.

6) Be Invisible
To me being polite and rather invisible got me more good photos than being a rude and emphatic photographer. Might depend a bit on which mood you're in.

7) Work Out
Yes, as in excercise. Taking photos of five shows at AFWL meant standing in the same spot for over 12 hours. Hardly any room to move your feet. I did a few on-the-spot lunges etc to keep the blood flowing, and after a few weary looks from my collegues they admitted they had sore backs, legs or worse, cramped hands from holding the camera all day and so much more. You're not alone in this!

8) Find Your Zen
Not joking. When you are in the same spot for a long time, with more waiting than action time, you need to be able to find your zen, to be mindful and happy as otherwise your photos will suck. If you are stressed, you'll use the wrong lighting, shutterspeed or other and you'll be even  more pissed. Om.

9) Know Your Gear
You don't have to be a professional photographer, but you must know the right camera settings to take your best photo. Which aperture suits your style? f 1,8 or f 5,6? Shutterspeed? Lens? My Canon colleagues were having more trouble finding the right white balance than me (Nikon D700). Always try to shoot in RAW. This way you can adjust the image perfectly afterwards.

10) The Right Moment
Last but not least, it's all about the right timing. Make sure to shoot the model's walking in her nicest way, with the best leg up front. Sometimes models walk fast, sometimes they don't even stop at the end of the runway. So make sure you get that photo, with the clothing visible in its most perfect way.
The right moment
f 1.8
When you take photos from the side, that one leg has to be in front

I am back in London, to visit the Africa Fashion Week 2015 at the Olympia in Hammersmith. Being a professional photographer for nearly 20 years, I am thrilled to work with these beautiful and inspiring people again. Never before I was here for the full two days so I am so happy to be here. This time I am intrigued by the photographers' pit, the podium where all the camera people are during the show. Shall I? Or shall I stick to my story and take slow journalism, backstage and other pictures?

When they call for the photographers to take their place, I decide to go for it and see how it works in the pit. I find a spot at the right and had to tell the photographers behind me, who were setting their tripods up on the podium, that I will not be sitting down but will be standing up while taking pictures. A lot of my colleagues in the front sat down and stayed there for the rest of the time. I felt tempted to do so too, but decided the best view would be standing up, as I don't want to take photos 'up the models' nostrils'.

To be in this buzzing, over-heated and over-crowded spot is so not me
There are five shows in two days, you think you can always decide to leave your spot and come back. So you think. Wrong. When I return after my first show and see there's no bag on the edge, nor tripod or any other marking I decide to take that spot on the platform. Boy was I wrong. At some moment there's a little guy with a monopod who eagerly approaches the podium and starts telling us 'That's my spot! That's my spot!' in a loud way. I am shocked about his furious way of doing, as there was no marking, no bag, no nothing in that spot.

Anyway, I stick to my spot but apparently we have to allow him to be there, so we all move a bit to let him be. "Man, be polite" I tell him and he again starts about this being his spot. Okay, okay, we get it. More photographers behind me agree with me he's just very rude, but I do not want to be too annoyed by it so I focus on the upcoming show.

We were waiting for more than one hour prior to each show. Also the photographers in the perfect centre spot almost weren't leaving at all, just to keep that position. Anything for a good photo right? I now know why they are so eager to do so, as from the photographer's pit it's the most perfect position to watch the show. A true dream spot.

It turned out to be an obsession to most photographers, how to get that perfect view, how to be in that perfect spot. I e.g. noticed the models were turning right mostly, so being at the left side of the platform would've been better to get perfect photos. I also noticed a lot of the sitting down photographers were all aching in the end, complaining about sore butts, and more, as being in one spot for over two hours is really hard, and remember: this times five! So yes, it truly is hard work.

But I am glad I did it, what an experience, being front row in the photographers' pit for the very first time...

and some photos of the pit:

Me in the middle

donderdag 13 augustus 2015

My Book Story

Book of fables - Snow White and more fairy tales - now a flight map holder
I recently noticed that our son (16) was using my old book of fables by the Grimm brothers and other fairy tale writers: it's now a 'map holder', so he can follow flight paths when playing Kerbal Space Program.

Seeing the big red book again immediately brought back memories of my youth. This once was my favorite book, especially the title story of Snow White, the first story in the book.

The book was given to me by my parents for my 6th birthday in 1977.

Illustrations of Snow White being kinda scary

Its illustrations being typical 70's style, and they kind of scared me. Not sugar sweet Disney style at all! The images are more like paintings and the faces look very different compared to modern children's books.

Also seeing the handwriting of my deceased mother ... wow, what an impression that book still makes!

I wanted to share my book story with all of you, and if you have a good story about a book you have, please share it by using the hashtag #mybookstory when telling us about it, thank you so much.

I am writing, I am reading and I sure love books!


Cover Sneeuwwitje en de Zeven Dwergen - Lekturama Rotterdam

Worn from too much reading
Snow White and her Prince in the 70's

dinsdag 11 augustus 2015

Silver Woman

While attending the Africa Fashion Week in London I noticed that next to being colour fans, they love grey hair too, and boy do they look good with it!

Grey is the new blonde

Grey is the new blonde

Grey is the new blonde

Grey is the new blonde

Mr. Mahogany Sola Oyebade and Melanie E. Rijkers

Then model and designer Pinamoiselle wrote:
"Hi, I saw you yesterday at #afwl and I thought u looked beautiful with your silver hair"

Thank you!! :) :)

and yes, Sola and I both turned pretty grey since 2009 when I first worked with Mahogany International in London ;) No, not grey, SILVER foxes we are :)

maandag 10 augustus 2015

Redheaddays Breda Publicity Photography

Take 2 and 3 follow automaticly when you watch via YouTube

It's the 10th Anniversary of the Redhead Days this year - check out this awsome video of the making of the well known publicity photo for the 1st Breda edition in 2007: Bart Rouwenhorst covered with beautiful red hair...
a top photo still!
Roodharigendag Breda, 2007 publicity photo of Bart Rouwenhorst covered with red hair - ginger love

woensdag 15 juli 2015

AFWL Africa Fashion Week London

Press Launch 2015
2015 Press Launch

Africa Fashion Week London has hosted four catwalk events since inception in 2011 and contributed expertise to at least 10 more events produced by 3rd parties such as The Mayor of London’s Black History Month celebrations and the annual Africa Centre Summer Festival.

AFWL showcased over 300 designers to almost 45,000 visitors including buyers, retailers and other industry professionals; and our open-to-the-public events are becoming a highlight on the annual fashion calendar.

Brand Ambassador 2015: 
International model and founder of the Georges Malaika Foundation Noella Coursaris Musunka.

"We are so happy Noella is Brand Ambassador for AFWL 2015. She has been a great friend and supporter of our event and ethos over the years and a compassionate, hardworking, beautiful individual who understands our drive to showcase the best of Africa."
Ronke Ademuliyi - Founder AFWL

Noella Coursaris Musunka
"I am delighted to be serving as this year’s Brand Ambassador to Africa Fashion Week London and to help showcase the brilliant work of African designers. It has always been my belief that fashion can be a tool for breaking down barriers and transcending cultures. This industry has the ability to put Africa on the world stage and can provide for countless job opportunities on the ground and abroad, from local factories to international shops. It is time for the world to see the amazing talent that lies within Africa."
Noella Coursaris Musunka

Africa Fashion Week London is celebrating it's 5th season! A cacophony of African design, talent and diverse ethnic influences that contribute to fashion in the UK. Since debuting in 2011, this inspirational event has gone from strength to strength; championing new and emerging designers who are inspired by the rich culture of Africa and incorporate this heritage into their contemporary design.

Only a few tickets are left so make sure you have reserved yours before they all sell out!

For VIP, Gold or Platinum tickets please visit this link to purchase your tickets.

This year's Africa Fashion Week London will be at Olympia West Hall on Friday 7th August and Saturday 8th August 2015.

Maggie Smith - Winner of The Face of AFWL 2015
Maggie Smith - Winner of The Face of AFWL 2015

donderdag 9 juli 2015

Spirit of Alaska Cruise

Sitting with my eyes closed I gently move along with the heave. With a small group of participents of the Spirit of Alaska cruise we listen to this extraordinary man named Mallku, a Peru Indian from the Andes. We're forming a circle while seated in the relax chairs of the Hollywood Odyssey Bar at the top deck of the ship Jewel of the Seas. Don't ask Mallku of which tribe he descends from, as he comes, so he says 'from the Andes mountains in Peru' and does not belong to one particular tribe. 'And', so he states, 'Aren't we all descendants from the same ancestress?'

The moment you realise you are one with earth, nature, the universe

I am sailing with Royal Caribbean from Seattle to Alaska. Our cruise with the spiritual seminar-at-sea is called Spirit of Alaska and I am one of the 200 participants. The boat has 1800 more guests onboard, as well as another 1000 fabulous members of staff. Next to the seminar there's also time to meet with Alaska's beautiful nature and people. We'll stop at Juneau and Skagway and finally at Victoria in Canado. To me sailing the Inside Passage to see the immense South Saywer Glacier upclose is the absolute highlight of this trip. 

Numerous speakers already spoke of how unique this opportunity is, being able to meditate at sea, with nothing but nature, sky and endless horizons of water around us. I couldn't agree more. Am not much of a water person, and although my sign is cancer, I never really liked sailing or being in open water. When approaching the glacier in the Tracy Arm Fjord it takes my breath away, and I feel very, very small. But also I feel very strong, connected and happy at the same time. 

Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com

The typical glacier' blue ice pieces multiply when we approach the glacier. When thinking of the thousand year old ice melting in our ocean, I feel very happy. Then a deep, dark rumble announces a big chunk of ice falling off, bam! A shockwave goes through the audience, we all watch it fall, such respect of Mother Nature. So very impressive, so serene, so beautiful.
Standing in the middle of the crowd I still manage to become one with what I see, I am in the moment and I feel utter love and happiness while watching the seals and their cubs, the sun coming out after an overcast morning just as we arrive at the glacier...this is pure heaven. I will never fear nature again, this is the moment you realise are one with earth, nature, the universe.

The mixing of the thousand year old water with the sea water we are sailing through feels as closing the circle to become whole (again). Multiple of the speakers of the seminar told us we are entering a new era now, a new day has come. It's the time of Me, the time to love yourself first. It's also the time of the collective, all individuals will connect, all with one, one with all.

I hear Mallku ask for permission of the elements like the mountains and the ocean. He blows his shell four times to direct the energy from all wind directions to us and into the center, inner me, in the heart and abdomen. I feel a strange sensation, as if there are butterflies dancing in my stomage. When he continues his cleansing ritual and uses a whistle that sounds like a hawk's cry I experience tingling in the back of my head, just below the skin.

This sensation is also called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) connecting you to the innerworld. It's connecting you to your true self, it enables you to see your true self. This way you will be able to answer the big question 'Who am I?' all by yourself. Feel happy with who you are, be proud to be part of this beautiful world. I cannot be affraid of melting ice anymore, nature freezes and melts for a thousands of years now, global warming being present way before cars and factories were invented.

"We are all shamans"

After the ritual Mallku speaks about shamanism, about his people and how the shaman (saman: helper and healer) seems to be reduced to trivial daily routine. In the early days a shaman has knowledge and skills to help his community, using the elements of nature. A shaman was a helper, not a medicine man, healing was just a small part of his practice. His main concern was to make sure his community would prosper and a shaman tried to become one with the place and its people to do so. A shaman wants his people to prosper. 

We are all shamans says Mallku. Help your people to prosper so we make this world a better place by helping each other. I immediately love this man. He's not a perfomer for tourists but he shares genuine beliefs and knowlegde with us, wonderful!

In the mean time I check the audience, a lot of middle ages ladies, a few men and young women. We meditate in a bar, with Mallku being on a stage where later tonight a singer will perforn next to the piano. After the session the 'ordinary' cruise guests flock in, totally unaware of what we just did. I like this combination of lectures and workshops, yoga and UFO watching, nicely blending with the abundance onboard.

Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com

Meditating with your eyes open

I keep getting confirmation over and over again at this cruise. Heard Mexican don Jose Ruiz say yesterday evening: 'Meditate with your eyes open'. Wow, that is what I do, what I am trying to share as inspirator when leading my Miksang Contemplative Photography Workshops. This is what makes me happy, to see the beautiful things of life (and to share these). When sailing close to the glacier, but also when witnessing all sunrises and sunsets from the upper deck of the ship... I feel the happiest woman of the world. I am so blessed. Being here and having this fab opportunity to witness it all... Being in this moment creates a lot of positive energy and I feel grateful, very grateful.

I can't stop taking pictures, but often I also take a 'mind picture' only. The image will live forever in my head, together with the scent and sounds that came with it. By doing this, I fill my soul with the beauty of nature and this way

We Are. (together)

Melanie E. Rijkers - Spirit of Alaska, 12-19 June 2015 - Mindfulness with your camera

Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com

Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com

Looking back it's been a kind of bizarre experience, talking about shamanism, meditating and earthing onboard this over-the-top cruise ship with miniature golf and basket ball court, swimming pools etc.

But maybe this is the exact right place to meditate, like when being in a busy city, or in any other 'ugly' urban spot, as long as you are open and do not judge. Love modern life, and I just loved every bit of this cruise!

You can book Divine Travels' spiritual cruises since 2011, when the first cruise took place to explore the end of the Maya calendar theme.

More about inspirator Mallku.

Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com
Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise © Artstudio23.com
Selfie @ sunrise Alaska, 3:30 AM ... Namaste

dinsdag 12 mei 2015

No Tourist Fatigue

Miksang Sunset, Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

I take another photo of the sun setting behind the famous bridge. Again a perfect moment, the sun right behind one of the pilars. Orange sky, a soft breeze stroking my face, I take another sip of my Caramel Macchiato. I feel blessed just by being here, I really am in the moment. Looking over the water, I see little dots. Swimmers, perhaps practicing for the annual Alcatraz races. Yes, I am in San Francisco, California.

I'm feeling a little mixed up though. It's my 6th time in this wonderful city and this evening the wind feels...warm? Yeah, luke warm it is. T-shirt temperature. Too funny. It's only March (2015) and I haven't seen much more than a lost cloud early morning this whole week. Not Fog City at all. California is now experiencing its worse drought ever, so it seems. This morning I got up at 6 AM and staying in Fisherman's Wharf area, I walked to the Oakland Bay Bridge along side the water. You look directly at the sun this way, perfect to capture mindful moments.

Being an iPhoneographer, I also use the square frame and I often use Instagram too. Adjusting focus and aperture by pressing on the screen, it's really easy to capture the overwhelming colours of the early morning sky. When joggers passed me by, I used their feet and long shadows, together with lines I saw on the pavement. Taking mindful photos like these will give you energy. No tourist fatigue at all. Think of the happy feeling you get when you take a photo of a happy moment. It's pure happiness and it goes straight to the heart.

Visit a place without judging and you'll receive its natural energy. The San Fran energy is one of the best I've ever experienced. After a long day in the city I now watch the sun set in the Pacific Ocean. From where I am I can see the dark shape of the Golden Gate Bridge against the red sky. I feel well tired but also very peaceful. I start walking up the hill to get back to my hotel, very happy to be here.

Be, See, Zen.

San Francisco, Embarcadero
This blog was written for World Nomads (Scholarship entry, 11 May 2015)

woensdag 15 april 2015

English or Dutch

Dear reader,

below a repost of all 22 posts previously written and published on MelanieRijkers.blogspot.nl 2014-2015 now continued in Dutch. If you want to follow my updates in English, please keep checking this blog, PhotographerWanted.blogspot.com

Bali Retreat October 2015 - Let Nature Guide You

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015
Straight To The Heart  Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015
Ubud, Sudaji, Sanur

- Guided by Antonetta Fernandes and Melanie E. Rijkers -

Daily morning and evening check-ins, meditation, (photo) walks & workshops, purification water and fire ceremonies, temple visit, exploring villages, nature, waterfalls and much more

7 Days Straight To The Heart Retreat $1950,-

Short daily programme:

Morning check-in and sharing
Evening check-in and sharing

Day 1 visualisation exercise

Day 2 to 6 guided meditation with energy medicine exercise to clear blockages

Photography workshop

Organic meals

Bonus: One session of 20 minutes Angelic Reiki healing per person

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015
Ubud 1-3 October (2 nights). Arrival and welcome at Ugung Raka 2-4 PM, a wonderful resort with rice fields on our doorstep. Ubud once was the highlight of cultural Bali, so next to the wonderful garden and pool of the hotel there’s plenty for you to do.

Sudaji 3-6 October (3 nights) true rural Bali. Omunity Bali, founded in 2010 by ZANZAN. This is a special place in the middle of lovely Balinese villages. It’s not like any other resort. Living with and amongst the community and local people of Sudaji. 

Sanur 6-7 October (1 night) Hotel Segara Agung, Sanur beach. Closure of our journey with walks and talks, mostly at the beach. End of our journey: 7 October noon.
Of course you can extend your stay if you wish to!

Be, See, Zen

Join us if you would like to experience first-hand real Balinese people and culture, taste the very good organic food and receive all other gifts from nature. It's al about being in the moment ♥

Come to this beautiful island and meet the locals, no crazy tourist stuff.

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

7 Days Straight To The Heart daily programme: 

Day 1, Unwind - arrival at Agung Raka Resort and Villas, Ubud. Enjoy this oasis of peace as Ubud itself is a very busy place. Take a dip in the pool, a walk through the rice fields or just enjoy the views and details of nature in the garden. 

Welcome meeting and a short introduction. Dinner in Ubud.

Day 2, Exploring Ubud - Ubud once was the highlight of cultural Bali. Visit a museum or art gallery. There’s also the monkey forest or watch a Balinese (fire) dance at night. 

Antonetta daily: Guided Meditation (30 mins). Energy Medicine Exercise, to clear blockages (20 mins) Body Alignment - clear blockages (10 min) - 1st time may require a bit longer. Evening Check-in and sharing 30 mins.
Melanie: An introduction to Straight To The Heart Photography (1,5-2h) with a photo walk through the gardens of Agung Raka. Daily photography workshop or walk, ending with a beach walk day 7.

Afternoon: free time. 

Day 3, Rural Bali - Omunity Bali, Sudaji.
Staying in Sudaji area, meeting the locals will create inner peace. You Are, you See, you become Zen, just by being there. Lunch & Dinner.

Day 4 & 5, Exploring rural Bali 
- Waterfalls & ricefields adventure. Earth with unspoiled nature of rural Bali.
- Local Traditional Market 
- Canang/ Traditional Balinese Offering Making
- Cleansing and Purification Ceremony - You will experience a real Balinese cleansing and purification ceremony at our local “holy spring” accompanied by a local priest. You will recieve pure energy from the spring to cleanse your body and mind. Participants must be dresssed appropriately.
- a journey to one of Sudaji’s most powerful temples to give thanks and gratitude
- Spiritual (Fire) Ceremony
- visit a local school
- Spiritual Dinner: This dinner is a teaching… in order to maximize learning experience exact details are kept secret. This dinner will nourish much more than your body. It is a spiritual journey of awareness.

Day 6, Beach time! After breakfast transfer to Hotel Segara Agung, Sanur. Check-in from 2 PM.

Day 7, Closure at the Beach - Sunrise Meeting to share experiences and maybe a dip in the ocean. 
Photo walk. Breakfast. End of our journey together: noon.

$1950 incl. breakfast, lunch, dinner 
day 2-6, all group transfers & trips

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

Of all the places I have visited in the last 15 years, Bali is undoubtedly the best. It has everything: sincerity, simplicity, purity, humility and peacefulness. 

Even outwardly it is so beautiful. You can see how beautiful the little cottages and villages are. They have such simplicity!

Bali had maintained most of its pristine purity. You don’t even have to meditate here; nature will meditate on your behalf. Early in the morning if you walk around the villages, their divine qualities will enter into you and you will become a different person. Here in Bali, nature itself will accelerate your inner progress!

Sri Chinmoy - ‘Heaven On Earth’ 

Travel details & bookings
The group will be 8 to 10 people max. As this is a popular retreat destination we may sell out quickly. If that is the case we will publish more dates asap. Please email us to register you interest: e-mail Melanie or e-mail Antonetta.

Your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months after your return flight from Bali. We recommend you to book your flights only after we confirm your booking. We recommend you fly in a day (or two) early so you can adjust to the hot and humid climate.

We’ll share twin and double rooms, if you are booking as a single person please consider sharing a room. It depends on the hotel what the extra costs will be for single occupancy.

$1950,- per person

$500,- deposit due immediately after booking (no refunds)
$1450,- to be paid no later then 1 September 2015.

Paypal: info @ mery(.)nl 

Nederland: you can also pay via NL41ABNA0607286849 t.a.v. Artstudio23 
BIC/Swift code: ABNANL2A

By booking this retreat you support the local community of Sudaji and the children of rural Bali. We e.g. will donate English books to the school libraries and the public library of Omunity. 

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

Ubud 1-3 October (2 nights). Arrival and welcome at Ugung Raka 2-4 PM, a wonderful resort with rice fields on our doorstep. Ubud once was the highlight of cultural Bali, so next to the wonderful garden and pool of the hotel there’s plenty  for you to do.

Sudaji, rural Bali 3-6 October (3 nights). Omunity Bali, founded in 2010 by ZANZAN. This is a special place in the middle of lovely Balinese villages. It’s not like any other resort, e.g. they are concerned with providing a future for their children, in a world without plastic, dangerous chemicals and fertilisers. Returning to basics – what the anchestors understood and practised. Omunity seeks to educate and inform both locals and visitors. To bridge the gap between environmental concerns and human interests through practical education and sustainable Sudaji community involvement. The concept for Omunity Bali is living with and amongst the community and local people of Sudaji. 

Sanur, Hotel Segara Agung 6-7 October (1 night). Closure of our journey with 
walks and talks, mostly at the beach. End of our journey: 7 October noon.

Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015
Antonetta is: An Author, Life Coach/Mentor, Public Speaker and Angelic Reiki Practitioner. Additionally she also graduated at the Academy of Wealth & Achievement as Master Results Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Performance Consultant. Antonetta continues to enter un-chartered waters from practicing energy medicine to getting her messages across the global showing her appeal is universal and her inspiration has no boundaries.

London, UK. Feel free to contact her via e-mail

Melanie is: ZIENer. Photographer. Mother & Wife. Teacher of Miksang Contemplative Photography. Inspirator & Storyteller. Living in the Netherlands, traveling all over the world to spread  PURE vision. Photo Therapy Coach. Zien means ‘to see’ in Dutch. ‘Ziener’ also means prophet. #ikzieikzie 

Breda, the Netherlands. Feel free to contact her via e-mail 

ZANZAN is: our Balinese spiritual guide and founder of Omunity (day 3-6). A highly experienced Yoga instructor (traditional Maha Patanjali). He loves to share his knowledge. Father of three, married to Putu Shelly. You can ask him anything!

Sudaji, Sekumpul and Lemukih - Bali, Indonesia www.omunitybali.com 
Straight To The Heart Bali Retreat 1-7 October 2015

You can also follow our event on Facebook.